Combi Stroller USA Preview

Prams or strollers have always been a necessity for new parents and their babies – and Combi Stroller USA is one of the best brands that provide this need. It is one of the leading strollers not just in the States but also worldwide. As for me, the first time I heard (or read) about Combi is through the reputable magazine Good Housekeeping. And for a magazine like GH to include Combi in their stroller reviews, this means that Combi is indeed one of the most popular brands of strollers these days for parents.

Combi Stroller – Basic Information
Basically Combi has two types of strollers – the single strollers and the double or twin strollers. The single strollers hold only one baby while the twin strollers can hold up to two babies.
The single strollers have 5 models namely the Cabria, Catalyst, Cosmo, Cosmo SE, and Flare – all of which differ in some specs and colors but are all safe, compact and lightweight, and of course affordable.

Features To Look For In A Pram Or Stroller
Safety – I think this is the number one most important factor to consider when buying prams (strollers) or even baby carriers. A stroller needs to be safe and not just effective in carrying the baby. It should have an easy to use harness that is not possible for the baby to open. At the same time, a good stroller needs to have a safety bar and safe and easy to operate brakes.
Portability – This is the next factor to consider when buying a pushchair of stroller – after all the primary reason you are getting one is for you to be able to travel with your baby with ease. Thus, the stroller needs to be lightweight so you can carry it lightly in and out your car. It also needs to be compact (small) enough when folded so that it can fit the compartment or your luggage when traveling on a plane. Another related feature of a good stroller is being able to fold easily or with just one simple step.
Affordability – The last factor that is often considered by parents when purchasing a stroller is the price tag. Remember, most cheap strollers also have “cheap” quality either in terms of durability and maintenance or its overall functionality. There are strollers that are not so easy to maneuver in different platforms and/or are too heavy to push around, hence are priced very fairly. In this case it would be better to buy a more expensive stroller that is more efficient. Still, there are also way over-priced items that you need to stay away from just as well.
All of these essential factors to look for in a stroller are upheld by Combi.

Combi Stroller Bonus Features
Aside from the features above, Combi strollers are also comfortable for the baby. It has perfectly sized (removable and washable seats) made with breathable fabric. Like all standard strollers, it can also be reclined in different multiple positions.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, a Combi stroller also provides a 1-year warranty, complies with the United States standards, and even comes with a (virtual or online) guide for your guarantee.